Do you trust the information from Mark Andrew regarding Punta Perla?

Mark Andrew

Dominican Watchdog would like to hear from Punta Perla buyers who are clients of Mark Andrew and Emerging Earth Ltd. In the interest of consumer protection and under EU’s code of business conducts , real estate agent in general has a moral obligation and professional interest in ensuring that the deposits from buyers are protected by escrow, malpractice insurance and/or title guarantee.

Under any consumer protection act vendors must supply accurate and correct product statements. Specially in regards to investments there are certain additional rules to be followed to protect small investors from losing their money.

Mark Andrew has recently stated on his website that nobody  should be worried about their investment in Punta Perla because the land for the development has a value of USD 2 Billion and there are no liens or loans on the united parcel. However the copy of title attached to the original Punta Perla sales contacts only shows a coconut field of about 250,000m2 and not the 7,5 million as stated in the contract. Or anything near the 10 million m2 recently proclaimed….., I wrote to Mark Andrews two weeks ago to prove his statement and show me the valuation. No answer has yet been received!

You can contact Dominican Watchdog here:


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