Punta Perla and Prince Albert of Monaco


Punta Perla

A new post has turned up on singingpig from investors who demands that Ricardo Miranda comes forward and present documentation for the Punta Perla land. Furthermore it’s again made clear that HRH Prince Albert of Monaco is not endorsing the Punta Perla development as resent stated in news letters from Mark Andrew.

Here is a copy of the post:

mark andrew  why will you not instigate an independant report into what land ricardo miranda company pariasso tropical own.The notorised letter is a very interesting smokesreen.In short it says  WE OWN THE LAND THAT WE OWN which nobody doubts oh and we own the land to build the project  BUT WHAT PROJECT BECAUSE THE PROJECT WHICH INCLUDES THE MARINA CANNOT BE BUILT ON THAT LAND BECAUSE PARAISSO TROPICAL DO NOT OWN THAT LAND    CHECK THE CADESTRAL PLAN IF YOU KNOW WHAT ONE IS  AND     IF YOU DO    WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE THAT FOR YOURE CLIENTS  prince albert of monaco does not endorse the projct  check with the palace   bruno the princes commander in chief can be contacted on  0033678636758


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