Punta Perla contract problems

Here is a copy from some resent post on Ben Potters proboard setup for investors in Punta Perla:

 Re: Time for an Investors Meeting in the UK?
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Thank you for your message. My name is Licelotte Minaya, associate attorney assisting Dr. Christoph Sieger, managing partner of our Bavaro-Punta Cana office, in real estate and corporate matters.

We are very familiar with the Punta Perla Project. Unfortunately, many of the contracts signed for this project have turned out to be invalid. On these cases, our recommendation to the buyers has been to pursue legal actions against the sellers directly in Europe, where some of them have succeeded.

If you send us a digital copy of your contract, we’ll be happy to review it for you and determine if legal actions can be pursued in the Dominican Republic.


…Iasked this firm to act for me on completion of my villa This was the reply. I also asked the firm acting for the doveloper twice NO REPLY posible a joint intrest problem a reply would have been nice. You dont have to be to cleaver as to why no news letter, for the not so cleaver there is NO news. We must take action on the land as our deposit is not in an escrow account or any other account in our names ie back pocket.


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