Nuria Piera remove story about Punta Perla from her website

Woman of the year and investigative journalist Nuria Piera from Diario Libre have uncovered hundreds of corrupt stories in the Dominican Republic. On April 10, 2010 she released a cover story on national TV about payments problems of the Punta Perla land to it’s former owners. The story also mentioned that nobody believes Punta Perla will ever get build. After 9 days on her website the broadcast was removed today!

Dominican Watchdog started to warn investors about Punta Perla over 8 months ago. Dominican Watchdog has urged Ricardo Miranda to secure investors deposits into escrow accounts, a normal procedure in large developments in the Dominican Republic. When investors funds are secured and title guarantee established Dominican Watchdog hopes the project will move ahead and all investors will be able to recover their money.

Dominican Watchdog has no specific or personal interest in Punta Perla, however we have received many emails from worried investors around the world, and we have hundreds of documents about Ricardo Miranda from his other projects, and we have had access to read the worried investors comments on Ben Potter’s forum. Our objective has been to warn consumers in the light of all the other failed Ricardo Miranda developments. If investing into Punta Perla you must seek out a good local Dominican lawyer and make sure all funds are put on escrow.

However it’s important to mention that Punta Perla was never sold to rich Dominican families such as Cap Cana, Punta Cana and Casa de Campo has been. For years all marketing for Punta Perla was only done abroad and the target was foreigners who didn’t understand the problems surrounding the Punta Perla development after the Marbella scandal.

Dominican Watchdog apologies for altering our article based on the national broadcast. However it again shows the powerful influence and lack of freedom of press in the DR. There is a reason for Nuria Piera’s success and being elected woman of the year. Dominican Watchdog supports Nuria Piera in her efforts to uncover corruption in the DR.

Dominican Watchdog was established to bring some balance into the information available to international consumers about the Dominican Republic through internet searches.  We are doing very well with over 110,000 page views in less than one year. We control many top 200 dot com domains as search phrases, ten blogs and various twitter accounts. 62% of our traffic is comes directly from the 3 big search engines and 20% comes from referral or through links. More than 50% of daily visits are new visitors to our website which reads a average of 4 pages and stay 5 minutes. It’s our goal, that with in another year our consumer protection information should be visible on top 10 of all Google searched related to the most important keywords for the Dominican Republic.

9 thoughts on “Nuria Piera remove story about Punta Perla from her website

  1. I have a vested interest in Punta Perla & I am becoming increasingly concerned about my investment as I have not had any recent updates from Eva Stores who is the front of house for Mr R Miranda in Spain and been my main contact to date.


  2. I am also an investor in Punta Perla. I invested through a local UK company that has since gone underground. I am very worried because I have not received any follow-up contacts since I signed a contract for purchase of an apartment in 2006 and paid the deposit.
    Please help!

  3. I am also very worried. The deposit was my lifetime savings. Are the newsletters also scams? Can I join a class action or receive any legal advice?

  4. I have invested 220,000.00 US 3 1/2 years ago for a beachfront apartment. My contract was looked at here in the US by a competent real estate attorney to put me at ease 2 years ago. I now have no contacts..I have traveled to the DR many times and was not able to enter the project site or view any of my long term invesment. I would like to either sell this property, retrieve my moneys or hang on if it is viable and will be finished soon. I have had no progress in getting any answers from anyone. Please fill me in if anyone would know how to move forward. Thank you Mary Jo Greiff…USA

  5. I am from Scotland and am in a very similar position to Mary Jo (perhaps we’ll be neighbours with any luck!!) If anyone has any info, it will be gratefully recived.

    Yours very concerned

    Andy Scott

  6. I have invested in the punta perla site. I bought it from Mark Andrews of Punta Perla Sales in the UK. I now find that this company has gone into liquidation along with Punta Perla Carribean where my money was transferred to. I have been in touch with a UK solicitor and would appreciate any information that you can send me.
    Anyone else who have invested and who is as frustrated as me with the lack of Information from Eva Sortes can contact me on my email –

  7. i too bought through Mark Andrews and co, the woman who was my sales agent assuring me that she too had invested… only later to deny it and leave the company. Mark Andrews continues to insist all is well when clearly it is not from the recent emails coming. Looking at the legal opinion on the web it would seem we will never get anything back. Land ownership is doubtful, loans over it huge and Mr Miranda up to his eyeballs in debt everywhere…. I too would like to join any action if there is any chance whatsoever that any of our money could be recovered.

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