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Mr. Korac – You seem to be the most knowledgeable person visible these days about PP.  So maybe you can try to answer some questions that you failed to answer a few months ago, plus a couple others.

1. In your response to Natalie you simply lead her to your website where you are promoting sales of interests in PP.  She asked if PP has been put on hold.  You didn’t answer that.  She also asked why if there was an explanation that she not received responses for up to 6 months (presumably she means from the developer).  Please be responsive and specific in your answers if you are going to bother to answer.

2. Are you really actively attempting to make sales of interests in PP?  If so, and assuming you ever make a sale, where does the deposit money go?  To you?  To Madrid?  To a Swiss Bank account?

And when people make a deposit does the money go into an escrow account?  Does the depositor get a policy of title insurance?

3. Are you in any way or fashion employed by the developer?  Or are you simply an “agent” of some kind.  As an agent do you not bear some moral, and maybe legal, responsibility for the actions of your principal i.e. the developer?

4. Speaking of the developer, just what person or what entity is the developer?  Is it a company called Paraiso Tropical?  Or is it Punta Perla Caipt, SA.?  Or is it Punta Perla Caribbean Golf Marina & Spa? Or is it something called GCP?  But most importantly, is Ricardo Miranda still an active part of the management of the developer.

5. Speaking of Ricardo — where is he these days?  When is the last time you have seen him?  Or spoken to him?

6. Do you know a real estate fellow in British Columbia named Stan Stanchev?  Recently Stan posted on another Singing Pig site dealing with PP the most recent newsletter from who ever is running the show these days. See —

I responded to that posting with the following critique and questions —

“Apparently Mr. Stanchev thinks there is valuable information in the newsletter.

Here is what is NOT in the newsletter —– address or phone number for the developer; 2. The name of anyone specifically identified as an employee of the developer, with the possible exception of Alex Rood and Eva Sotres.  In neither case is an email or phone provided.  Some probably wonder whether “ElusiveEva” Sotres really exists. Apparently she does – see

The newsletter mentions meetings between “many different departments of the company”.  The newsletter does mention the Investor Relations Department and the Legal Department.  What other departments are there?  Who are the personnel in these many different departments.  For that matter, who are the personnel in the Legal Department.  Is the Legal Department located in the small apartment in Madrid (Glorieta de Ruben Dario 3, 28010Madrid, Spain – ph34 91 7 02 46 97) that used to serve as the Madrid office of the  developer?  Is that still their office?  Why is it not show non their latest website (  Or listed in the newsletter?

Does anyone understand the “re-sale” offer on the first page of the newsletter?  Specifically what is meant by “any property purchased up to December 31st, 2008, within the year following completion and signing of the deeds….”.  What is meant by “completion and signing of the deeds”?

Who are the two people (Ramon Ramirez and Esteban Becerril) shown as “The Technical Building Management”?  Are they employees of the developer?  Are they contactors?

And who is Fidias Brache, billed as the “delegate”.  What are his duties?  How do they differ from the duties of Alex Rood who apparently is involved somehow in sales?  How does one get in touch with Alex?

The ominous sounding announcement from the alleged Legal Department says they won’t tolerate any other distractions.  Is this post an intolerable distraction?  Possibly someone can direct me to an individual (by name and phone) in the Legal Department and I can test whether their bite is as bad as their bark.

Finally, Mr. Stanchev should have pointed out that on May 14, 2008 the Superintendent of Real Estate of the Province of British Columbia entered a Cease and Desist Order under BC’s Real Estate Development Marketing Act against Paraiso Tropical, S.A. and Ricardo Miranda ordering “That PARAISO TROPICAL S.A. and RICARDO MIRANDA shall cease and refrain from marketing in British Columbia any and all development units in the development known as Punta Perla, located in the Dominican Republic.”

Mr.Stanchev was mentioned in the proceedings as being involved in marketing efforts in BC and being an investor in Punta Perla to the tune of $85,535USD.  It’s no wonder that Mr. Stanchev is still wishfully hoping that things will work out all right.

All this makes one wonder if anyone is still attempting to sell new “interests” in Punta Perla on behalf of the developer.  BTW, who is the developer these days? Haven’t heard anything about Paraiso Tropical for quite a while.  The new name used on the website — “PuntaPerla Caribbean Golf, Marina & Spa” is quite a mouth full, but doesn’t tell the public or worried investors who is running the show.

Possibly Mr. Stanchev’s colleague over on the other side of Canada – Sunny Comfort – or the gregarious Mr. Korac in DR can answer some of the unanswered questions.

In summary, the newsletter is comparable to the most recent iteration of the website —-totally uninformative.  As the Latins used to caution, ‘CaveatEmptor’ “.

I haven’t seen any response in many weeks.  But maybe Ricardo, Eva, Alex and the other folks involved here are just so busy trying to make money for their investors that they just don’t have time to answer questions.  And maybe within the next few days a space ship from a galaxy far away will land on my balcony and shower upon me great riches, life eternal, and a form of nirvana previously unknown to we mere earthlings.

Milo, I fear you will duck giving straight answers to the serious questions here by simply responding by asking who I am and what my interest in PP might be.  You don’t get off the hook that easy.  I am not an investor in PP; either too lucky or too smart, probably the former.  I do know someone quite involved in PP and am concerned on that person’s behalf that the person doesn’t understand all the consequences involved.  If, in the process of asking legitimate questions, I might be helping some investors who are concerned for very good reason, so be it.

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2 thoughts on “News from the Punta Perla forum at

  1. Well said. I am getting increasingly concerned about the project. On the million to one shot that you get a reply, or if you find out anything more, please get in touch.

    Kind regards

    Andy Scott

  2. Ramon Ramirez Miranda is the cousin of Ricardo Miranda Miret. Ricardo father and Ramon mother were brothers.
    B´mas R arquitectos is , Ramon Ramirez Miranda company.
    You have to investigate all the money transfer and payments among these companies, as well as the comissions paid.

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