CORRUPT COURT SCANDAL, Spanish judge handling the case didn’t tell that his own brother is directly linked to potential criminal activities in Punta Perla

Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz

Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz

For over a year we have waited for news about this case, and today it was taking an amazing turn thanks to very good work by the lawyers of the defrauded Irish investors. They have proved that the case was stalled by a probably corrupt judge. Hopefully those behind RICARDO MIRANDA’s worldwide fraud show involving ex president Leonel Fernandez and Prince Albert of Monaco, will finally see the inside of the jail.

HERE ARE THE FACTS and they are all over the Spanish press(see links below)

Letter from the lawyers handling the lawsuit one behalf of Ollie Reel’s investor group:

During our professional work and only recently we have found out that the Judge dealing with our criminal lawsuit in Madrid (Criminal Court number 16) against Ricardo Miranda and others, this is the Judge Mr. Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz is the brother of Ignacio Coronado Ruz who in the past was a partner, Secretary and even President of the board of Management of the Dominican Republic company “Paraíso Tropical S.A.” and who was as well the legal representative of the company “Inversiones C.C.F., S.A.”. The later sold its shares to the company “Punta Perla Caribbean, Golf Marina & Spa, S.A.” represented and operated by Ricardo Miranda Miret, who also transferred for the purchase of the shares the money obtained from your purchase in Malaga with “Estepona Beach”. All this is a business puzzle to commit offences. We have also recently found out that the brother of the Court, Ignacio Coronado Ruz is or was the straw man of one of the owners of “Paraiso Tropical S.A.,”, Andres Leitor and Carlos Sanchez, who are also involved in the famous MALAYA case for corruption in Marbella, and have been involved in legal cases with regards to the sale of shares of Punta Perlato Ricardo Miranda.
Ignacio Coronado Ruz was sued with regards to the inscription of the shares and for
tax fraud in Dominican Republic by Ricardo Miranda and his companies. Pursuant to Spanish Proceedings Law, one of the cases to recuse a Judge is that the Judge dealing with the case is the brother of one of the defendants. It is true that in our case the brother, Ignacio Coronado, hasn’t been sued by us but:1. Within our criminal lawsuit, we have sued the company “PARAISO TROPICAL S.A.” of the Dominican Republic and its legal representatives (we didn’t know who the previous administrators were) and we requested on due course that the Judge investigated the company the current and previous legal representatives of the above mentioned company. Please note that the Judge hasn’t taken any decision or action to carry out this investigation.2. Our criminal lawsuit, for swindle and misappropriation of funds, is not only addresses against Ricardo Miranda and the representatives of OCEAN VIEW, but also against all those who the Court discovered had any implications or against those who we could find out were liable for any criminal/civil offenses, and it is clear that Ignacio Coronado Ruz (brother of the Judge) and others are liable for the above mentioned offenses. Pursuant to Spanish Proceedings Law, any Judge who has any type of family relationship (or any other relationship) with any of the parties must refrain from dealing with such case, and from the very first moment the Judge was aware that he was dealing with a court case regarding his brother he should have refrained from dealing with it. In our case our Judge has been dealing this case for almost two years and he hasn’t mentioned any relationship with Ignacio or has made any attempt to stop dealing with our case. Spanish Proceedings Law also establishes that another reason to recuse a Judge is that the Judge had any personal interest in continue dealing with the court case. In our case even though the Judge has continued investigating our case, in which either directly or indirectly his brother was involved, there is a clear personal interests, and therefore, we have another issue to file the recuse. Therefore, we would like to inform you that once we have obtained evidences from the above mentioned reasons and because of the importance and urgency of our case, we have taken the following legal actions to protect your rights:

1.- We have already formally requested the recuse of the Judge and that a new Judge “ not tainted” is appointed to substitute him and to deal with our case

2.-  We have formally requested the postponement of our case until the Court decides about the recuse and substitution of the Judge.

3.- We have formally extend our criminal lawsuit to the following: Ignacio Coronado Ruz, Andres Leitor, Carlos Sanchez. And to that effect, the above mentioned should be summoned to appear in court as soon as a new Judge has been appointed. As a consequence of our requests, which were made last week, this morning I have received a telephone call from the Criminal Court Number 16 of Madrid confirming that our case is no won hold until the court decides about our recuse and substitution of the Judge. We will receive a notification within the next few days. As you can understand, this issue is very important and therefore we had to act quickly. We have noticed some irregularities and delays in our case from the beginning, but we were unable to take the above mentioned actions until we had evidences that support our request, like we have obtained only recently. If finally the Court decides to recuse and substitute our Judge (this decision will be taken by the High Court of Madrid in approx. 3-4 weeks), then the clients and myself as the lawyer dealing with the case, will have to study possible actions against the

Judge and third parties (actions to be filed at the General Council of Judicial Power) or even criminal actions for corruption (this happens when a Judge is taking decisions or not doing anything even though he knows that this is unfair) and the damages derived.In any case, we will study all the options and decide whatever is best for your interests. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries or comments.

Kind regards, Luis Fernando Gonzalez Ordonez
Abogado/Lawyer – Reg. Nº 6125 I.C.A. Málaga

9 thoughts on “CORRUPT COURT SCANDAL, Spanish judge handling the case didn’t tell that his own brother is directly linked to potential criminal activities in Punta Perla

  1. Hi not so much a comment, more a request for information, my daughter and I have entered into purchasing a property on this development. Can anyone tell us how to make a claim and try and get back our money.

    • Hi John,

      There are two investor groups fighting individual battles now, the first group is headed by Ollie Reel and you can write to the email of their lawyer in the article above and ask if you can join. The second group is a bunch of morons who lost out on the first train with Ollie. That second group lost 2 years on criminalizing Dominican Watchdog and myself when in fact I was the first person to investigate the fraud behind Punta Perla and all the bullshit coming from Alex Rood and Ricardo MIranda Miret ever changing websites and lying “investor updates “. These lies about me to cover up their own crimes is the the reason I made this blog in the first place.
      I will not recommend you to try to follow the second investor group as they will probably be stupid enough even to fuck up their own legal defense. Just a bunch of nut cases still believing Santa Claus exist…., What I really want to see is Alex Rood and Ricardo Miranda Miret put behind bars and that can’t happen fast enough.

      Jan Vistisen
      The Truth About the DR!

      • Guys ive just received an email from las americas regarding the land in escrow. Not sure whats next. Are there any investor groups put together that i can speak to or join? Not 100% sure my solicitor is sure either. Been chasing this on my own for ages now

  2. Hi Jan do you think this news about the corrupt judge is going to help our case and locate exactly where the money is.We all want to see these bastards behind bars Judge and all but we also want our money .What is your thoughts on this

    • Dear John,

      Nice to hear from you again, years have past since our first meeting in Dublin regarding Ricardo Miranda. I have just read the official press release from LAWBIRD in Spain and I must say that very unfortunately it does not look good due to the corrupt judge involved. The sooner he is removed the sooner the case can move forward, however I think Miranda has had too long time to spend and hide the rest of the money. The only chance is to make a claim on the Punta Perla land, but knowing the corrupt Dominican government first hand, they probably already have other plans with that…., and are just waiting for your case to die out!!! My only hope is that Ricardo Miranda will get 7-10 years in jail for his fraudulent circus traveling the world ripping off people like you.

      Jan Vistisen

  3. Hi Jan have you heard any news on the corrupt judge .We surely have a chance to sue this judge and the spanish judicial system for trying to pevert the course of justice he should never have been appointed and perhaps this is a great way for us to get our money back.Our solicitor is going down this road .. Is their anything you can do to really stir up this hornets nest . What do you think our chances are our solicitor is optimistic.

  4. Hi John

    I am in the same boat and not sure where to go to try and recoup my money. Where are you with your solicitor pursuing this? It has now been 8 years since I paid my deposit and I cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel. Any advice or info you may have would be much appreciated

    If anyone knows of any groups who pursuing can you please email me their details.



    • Hi,

      I wonder if you could email me details of who to contact regarding groups pursuing this. My girlfriend deposited a substantial amount of money in 2007.

      many thanks

      • Hi Neil,

        There is only one serious group of former buyers still pursuing Ricardo Miranda Miret and his crooked people!
        His name is Ollie Reel heading the group of Irish property buyers. You can write to him here:
        You can also contact the law firm they use directly: LAWBIRDS in Marballa Spain headed by Antonio Flores.
        I believe the chances are now less than slim to see any money back, but getting Ricardo Miranda Miret in jail
        would be the next best thing. Miranda has lived off your backs for years, just laughing of the legal system!!!!

        Dominican Watchdog

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