About Havana Blend(R)

This logo is a registered trademark by Danish Cigars Ltd.

Registered Trade Mark


The above Havana Blend logo is registered as a trademark by Danish Cigars Ltd.

Havana Blend by Royal Danish Cigars was created to celebrate 300 years of Danish tobacco history. To learn more about the Danish cigar history and this amazing limited edition cigar visit the official Havana Blend website or use the QR code below:

Havana Blend (R)
Royal Danish Cigars(R)

New York +1 347 408 0700
London +44 20 3287 0400
Copenhagen +45 3698 0500
Hong Kong +852 8120 7500
CIS markets +372 712 2400
Skype:  “havanablend”

Email: info@danishcigars.com

Visit Royal Danish Cigars and learn about the amazing danish cigar history.

The U.S. Virgin Islands used to belong to Denmark and from there came the first tobacco, later tobacco was grown in Denmark. In 1813 the King of Denmark gave authorization to the first cigars to be rolled officially in Copenhagen…… There are five cigars in the Royal Danish Cigar Collection; King of Denmark(TM), VIKINGO(TM), Prince of Denmark(TM), Fat Baron(TM) and Petit Royal(TM)…… King of Denmark(TM) is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and comes in a gold plated humidor tin… read more

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