Prince Albert II of Monaco has yet to explain why he traveled to the Dominican Republic to actively promote and appear publicly for the Punta Perla development (aside from escaping Monaco).

Investors in the Punta Perla fraud were swindled out of $60 million.

Punta Perla was a private real estate project that sought to entice middle-class Europeans to deposit hard-earned savings for as-yet-to-be-built Caribbean vacation homes.

Albert is a head-of-state. One can understand Monaco’s Sovereign promoting private interests if it involves trade, commerce or tourism for Monaco, such as helping promote a new resort by SBM or Monaco QD.

But a head-of-state allowing himself to be used as a celebrity endorser to help line the pockets of non-Monegasque con-men in a far away land?


What’s next, Albert doing TV ads for Viagra?

A huge question remains unanswered:

What did Albert stand to gain from his involvement in the fleecing of $60 million from hundreds of small investors?

The Punta Perla development was relatively small for the billionaire prince, especially when he has the government of Qatar writing blank checks to spend on much larger projects through his Monaco QD entity.

So what (or who) induced Albert to get involved with Punta Perla’s main organizer, scam artist Ricard Miranda MIRET, whose previous property projects were failures?

It is clear that something corrupt transpired to get the Prince to the Dominican Republic.

Monegasques and Dominicans, as well as victims whose money was stolen, deserve to know the answers to these questions:

Why did Albert get involved in Punta Perla?

How much money was Albert and/or members of his entourage paid?

Will Albert give up his fee to help pay restitution to the victimized investors?

What does Albert know about the whereabouts of money stolen from investors?

What does Albert know about Ricard Miranda MIRET and his current whereabouts?

Does MIRET have a bank account in Monaco?

We wish success to the victims of Punta Perla and their skilled attorneys at Law Bird as they seek justice, and we hope that Ricard Miranda MIRET and Prince Albert are held to account for their misdeeds.


MUST SEE!!!! Watch this broadcast where spymaster Robert Eringer calls Ricardo Miranda a con man for defrauding investors for USD 60 million – CLICK HERE!!!

Looks like somebody hired a private detective to investigate the activities of Ricardo Miranda and the Punta Perla back office operations

Esteemed clients,

As I have received many requests for more information regarding who I am and how I obtained email addresses, everyone deserves the same response.  I have been hired to investigate the current situation of the Real Estate Development, Punta Perla.  My client purchased on the development in 2007.  As there has been no continuous flow of information from the Developer, nor advance made in construction, the decision was made to investigate formally.  Email addresses were obtained as part of the investigation to maintain all interested parties informed.  Those who do not wish to receive information will be removed from the list upon request.  Individuals that respond in an obscene or unprofessional manner will also be removed.

In addition to looking into ownership of the land, I have been to Madrid to observe the daily activities in the office. Limited individuals are seen entering the office on the fourth floor of Glorieta de Ruben Dario 3.  The doorman refers to the occupying tenant as GCP, SA.  Telephone calls are not answered and the door seemingly ignored.  Speaking with one employee for economic compensation, it was learned that GCP, SA acts as a parent company for the Punta Perla project, employing the few local employees in Madrid, the majority of whom have departed the company with money owed to them, including Eva Sotres.  It was also confirmed that Ricardo Miranda at that moment was in the Dominican Republic.   Names and telephones of additional former employees acquired.  Contact was made with these employees in Madrid. They have provided valuable information that is in the process of being confirmed.  Others present in the building mentioned that GCP was being evicted by the owner for failure to pay rent for over 4 months.

There is a team investigating in the Dominican Republic where there appears to be similar issues and serious problems with employees.  Additionally, there appears to be serious doubt as to the land ownership, which above all will be very important in regards to the situation of the investors.


Joseph Mitchell


Updated, December 02, 2010


Esteemed clients,

I am sorry I am unable to respond to each of you individually, yet I would like to make a couple more observations based on emails I have received.  My client does not desire to be known as the individual who instigated this investigation; what is desired is that after so many years of being uninformed, those who desire to receive updates, are regularly made aware of information discovered.  For the good of the investigation, it is best that particular details remain confidential at the moment.

With that and for the lack of any other relevant confirmed information at the moment, all I can report is that there will be a case being heard today, December 2, 2010, for the eviction of Mr. Miranda from his home due to failure to pay.  As more information resulting from the investigations being carried out in Spain and the Dominican Republic is verified, all will be duly informed of the findings.


Joseph Mitchell



Facts about Ricardo Miranda Miret companies in Spain

Ricardo Miranda MiretAccording to information on the internet, Ricardo Miranda Miret don’t own any property in his name in Spain. Many of the 17 corporations in which he is involved is in liquidation. The data was apparently compiled by using Ricardo Miranda Miret ID codes NIE A-84224559 and  DNI 2702065W see the full list here domain for sale!

For whatever reason the domain is now up for sale, do not buy it! Why and who got control of it is not really interesting.

There has been so much bad press about Punta Perla that the name is worthless. In order for that development to move on two things have to happen.

1st the development should change name to something like Royal Palms Punta Cana and settle with all the old investors.

2nd Ricardo Miranda should exit the development as CEO, and leave it in the hands of some professionals with a serious track record.

The China investor can’t change the PP history and current market situation

Legal opinion Punta Perla, Ricardo Miranda(article updated Oct 16, 2010) After many  years of undocumented newsletters full of empty words from Eva Sotres in Punta Perla investor department, this great day of truth and real facts has finally arrived.

Pellerano & Herrera, by far biggest and most respected law firm in the Dominican Republic has issued their legal opinion to a group of angry investors in Punta Perla. And you should contact Ollie Reel who is heading this investors group to join in. You will find his email address on the top of the Paraiso Tropical/Punta Perla legal opinion.

The legal opinion can be viewed and downloaded for free from and

Before I write more about the facts in this legal opinion, I like to make it clear that Ricardo Miranda Miret and his Poppet Show will probably come up with a lot of excuses or statements to place doubt in peoples minds,  so will other idiots under anonymous names in singingpig or  All this “Noise” is only done to try to derail and prevent a legal attack on Paraiso Tropical SA, Ricardo Miranda Miret and the rest of the board members in various countries.

All these promoters have never been able to attach a single fact or document to the spin they wrote to keep sales going! Sadly for many investors the private Ben Potter forum is not much better, its also full of useless spin with no documented facts! Most of this spin is supplied by Ricardo Miranda’s favorite poppet Mark Andrews(more about him later in this article).

At no given time during the last year has all the small and angry investors in Punta Perla been able to see or meet with Ricardo Miranda Miret despite the fact that many of them have taken the long journey to Madrid. At no given time during the last years newsletters has there been a personal statement from Ricardo Miranda Miret including a photo of him! At no given time during the last year has Punta Perla come forward with proof to the the spin they wrote. It has all been empty words, redesigned projects and opened and closed websites and sales companies! And there are hundreds of non legalized contracts out there waiting for a solution to this problems, because in the past five years nothing of value to these investors has been constructed by Ricardo Miranda in Punta Perla or any of his other fantasy developments in Spain and Morocco! Where are all these unsecured deposits today? Millions of Euro gone missing….

Punta Perla’s main problems:

1. There is no 10,000,000 m2 land in the name of Paraiso Tropical SA

2. There are lots of liens and ownership problems on the small Punta Perla land parcel.

Mark Andrews claims to have seen a land evaluation of 2 Billion Dollars from the National Bank of The Dominican Republic. That my dear friends doesn’t exist due to the above facts!

Mark Andrews has claimed to have seen a clean title with 10 million square meter land for the Punta Perla development. That my dear friends doesn’t exist either due to the above facts!

The legal opinion contradicts every post done by Mark Andrews, and now is the time to be worried!

Furthermore what this legal opinion doesn’t state is, that part of the Punta Perla apartments sold to investors might actually be located on land NOT belonging to Paraiso Tropical SA. A special group of people are currently working hard on mapping the exact development and its location onto the exact land parcels in the area. If this group manage to prove that they where sold apartments on land not belonging to Paraiso Tropical SA, then its all a simple case of fraud and Ricardo Miranda and his gang will soon end up where they belong, long time before all the cases of fraud from Spain and Morocco comes into motion!

Before anybody starts to discredit the law firm that did the legal opinion, there is a few facts from their website:

“Pellerano & Herrera the largest law firm in the Dominican Republic” by Marcasur, March 2010

“Most admired law firm of 2009 in the Dominican Republic” by the Mercado Magazine, February 2010

“Private Equity Deal of the Year Award 2009” from the IFLR, March 2009

Winner of “Chambers Latin America Awards for Excellence 2009: Dominican Republic Law Firm of the Year”, November 2009

The show must go on, the President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez and HRH Prince Albert of Monaco has not yet issued a statement that they are no longer supporting Punta Perla,and now a China connection has been added, herein lays the Illusion !!

Dominican Watchdog’s investigation and articles about Punta Perla and Ricardo Miranda Miret can be found here: Is Punta Perla One Big Scam? Where is the money….?


Do not get fooled by the cancellation of the arrest warrant, that was a technicality due to the time frame that applies to foreigners and not Dominicans to come in front of a judge. The case against Paraiso Tropical SA and Ricardo Miranda Miret over the land deal is real, and will move forward despite this small clever move from RM’s lawyers. However due to the corrupted legal system in the Dominican Republic and the fact the President is involved, it will be impossible to determine the outcome, therefore the law firm didn’t comment on that case, but moved to the fact of starting a criminal case against Ricardo Miranda Miret!

Even with a large scale investor from China there is no guarantee that Punta Perla will ever be a commercial success for the small investors due to the following facts: Not a single property has been sold to any rich and important local family in the Dominican Republic. Howeveer these families have invested heavily into famous resort developments nearby which are now in trouble too. Investors in Cap Cana are not able to resell their units and the project is a ghost town today despite Billions of dollars invested. Roco Ki (partly backed by one of richest and most powerful Dominican families Vicini Group) has fired most employees and closed sales operations. Both Cap Cana and Roco Ki are located only a few miles from Punta Perla! So even with China money the future for Punta Perla doesn’t look good.

Barbara Woodham Says:
September 9, 2010 at 4:48 pm e

I have invested in the punta perla site. I bought it from Mark Andrews of Punta Perla Sales in the UK. I now find that this company has gone into liquidation along with Punta Perla Carribean where my money was transferred to. I have been in touch with a UK solicitor and would appreciate any information that you can send me.
Anyone else who have invested and who is as frustrated as me with the lack of Information from Eva Sortes can contact me on my email –

The original arrest warrant on Ricardo Miranda Miret is now online

How much did Prince Albert of Monaco and President Leonel Fernandez get for promoting the re-opening of Punta Perla?

How much did Prince Albert of Monaco and President Leonel Fernandez get for promoting the re-opening of Punta Perla?

The original arrest warrant from August 3rd 2010 by the Santo Domingo Court in the Dominican Republic on Ricardo Miranda Miret, in regards to Punta Perla is now posted directly on his own name

This arrest warrant also includes the Punta Perla land, bank accounts and other valuables in his name or the name of Paraiso Tropical.

Finally the truth will come out and unfortunately hundreds of small investors stands lose their money!

It should now be clear that the Punta Perla project should never have had the Bentley Awards, neither the support of HRH Prince Albert of Monaco nor the President of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernandez.

Ricardo Miranda Miret have defrauded not only investors in the Dominican Republic, but also in Spain and Morocco! More than six hundred investors has lost an average of USD 100,000 or a total of over USD 60 Million in his three fantasy projects. Where is the money??

Dominican Watchdog was the first whistleblower on the Punta Perla project one year ago. The reason was that all the money taken by real estate agents and Ricardo Miranda was never secured on escrow accounts to protect the investors.

Dominican Republic is full of semi-professional real estate agents who will say anything to their clients for a quick buck! Punta Perla proves that estate agents in the Dominican Republic needs to be accredited and insured in the future. They must be forced to protect clients deposits on escrow accounts or they should be held personally responsible!

Any further propaganda or undocumented spin from Ben Potter’s forum, Mark Andrews or related real estate agents about Punta Perla will be posted on the Ricardo Miranda Miret domain with special comments to warn investors.

We can either say that the photo with HRH Prince Albert of Monaco and Leonel Fernandez promoting Punta Perla was a great mistake of personal judgment from two such important persons, or we can speculate that they where paid well to marketing an event which made it possible to defraud even more investors into Punta Perla.

See the arrest warrant posted on – It will be interesting to read the next newsletter from Punta Perla……., and maybe we could now have the television show back which was deleted 2 months ago, because it was exactly talking about what is happening right now with Ricardo Miranda and Punta Perla!

Arrest warrant issued for Ricardo Miranda Miret in the Dominican Republic

We have just learnt from a letter published on the Ocean View Properties on thread that Ricardo Miranda Miret has been issued with an arrest warrant by the Courts of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

This comes as no surprise since his dealings have been obscure and manifestly fraudulent, but one would have thought that the choice of country, the Dominican Republic, and his supposedly good connections with the President of the country and, it would appear as well with Monaco’s Prince Albert (unless the photos have been manipulated), should have been enough to ensure immunity and, more irritatingly, impunity.

But since the above, albeit crucial for the people who invested at Punta Perla, seems still far away and relates to the dealings of Miranda Miret and the previous owners of the land (one of which, CCF21 Inversiones S.L., lost a property via public auction to a client of ours), we have now been made privvy to classified information containing proof of transfers between Sungolf Desarrollo Inmobiliario S.A., Paraiso Tropical, Punta Perla Caribbean Ltd. and Miret’s personal account.
We cannot disclose the source of the leak nor the full document but will say that it is a report dated the 17th of August 2006 released by La Caixa Savings Bank on petition of the SEPBLAC (Servicio Ejecutivo de Comision de Prevencion de Blanqueo de Capitales e Infracciones Monetarias), which is the Spanish Anti-Money Laundering Office, investigating the largest corruption case ever seen in a Spanish Court.

This report is important, for it specifies the routes taken by millions of USD that left the UK and Spain to different recipients in Spain, the US, Gibraltar, the Dominican Republic and Mr. Miret’s personal account.

SunGolf Desarrollo Inmobiliario S.A Deposit 1

SunGolf Desarrollo Inmobiliario S.A Deposit 2

Paraiso Tropical Deposit

The one thing that struck me when reading is that I could not see any names of builders, Spanish town halls, architects, building surveyors, lawyers and generally anyone habitually connected to property developing. On the contrary we can see the following:

  • Paraiso Tropical S.A., which is the company that owns the Punta Perla land, and which is the subject of the fraud court case in the Dominican Republic.
  • Sungolf Desarrollo Inmobiliario S.L., which is the company that purportedly intended to develop a resort of over 300 units in Estepona (Estepona Beach and Country Club) and which not only did it not purchase the land or applied for planning permission, but in fact shipped the millions to the owners of Paraiso Tropical, a sugar producing company called Central Romana Corporation, cash in hand and till today unknown individuals never related with the business of property developing.
  • Berkeley Property Investments S.L., which is showing today as still owned by Sean Woodhall and administered by Nicholas Stewart Wood (presumably from Grant Thornton, OVP insolvency administrators).
  • Central Romana Corporation, which is a sugar manufacturer based in the Dominican Republic.
  • Hallard Investments Limited, which is a company based at Grosvenor Street, number 17, London.
  • Inversiones CFF S.A., which was one of the shareholders of Paraiso Tropical S.A. allegedly dupped by Mr. Miranda Miret according to the court ruling issuing the arrest warrant.
  • Cash in hand, which was taken out and presumably spent on expensive restaurants and clubs, business lunches, gifts and presents, call girls (according to one source) and any other unrelated-to-property-developing activities.

I think I have now done enough, and not because I have other work to do (which I have) but because I am limited to what info I can pick up by spending hours in front of my desktop, a few contacts and this blog (and more importantly, the forum). It is now up to individuals who have lost their money to team up, put names and amounts on a piece of paper, get qualified legal representation and file a suit, because it is only then when will the national Governments, with their unlimited resources and powers, will be forced to do something and find out where and with whom did each pound paid towards a dream homes end up.

For source and legal help visit Antonio’s blog

News from the Punta Perla forum at

Mr. Korac – You seem to be the most knowledgeable person visible these days about PP.  So maybe you can try to answer some questions that you failed to answer a few months ago, plus a couple others.

1. In your response to Natalie you simply lead her to your website where you are promoting sales of interests in PP.  She asked if PP has been put on hold.  You didn’t answer that.  She also asked why if there was an explanation that she not received responses for up to 6 months (presumably she means from the developer).  Please be responsive and specific in your answers if you are going to bother to answer.

2. Are you really actively attempting to make sales of interests in PP?  If so, and assuming you ever make a sale, where does the deposit money go?  To you?  To Madrid?  To a Swiss Bank account?

And when people make a deposit does the money go into an escrow account?  Does the depositor get a policy of title insurance?

3. Are you in any way or fashion employed by the developer?  Or are you simply an “agent” of some kind.  As an agent do you not bear some moral, and maybe legal, responsibility for the actions of your principal i.e. the developer?

4. Speaking of the developer, just what person or what entity is the developer?  Is it a company called Paraiso Tropical?  Or is it Punta Perla Caipt, SA.?  Or is it Punta Perla Caribbean Golf Marina & Spa? Or is it something called GCP?  But most importantly, is Ricardo Miranda still an active part of the management of the developer.

5. Speaking of Ricardo — where is he these days?  When is the last time you have seen him?  Or spoken to him?

6. Do you know a real estate fellow in British Columbia named Stan Stanchev?  Recently Stan posted on another Singing Pig site dealing with PP the most recent newsletter from who ever is running the show these days. See —

I responded to that posting with the following critique and questions —

“Apparently Mr. Stanchev thinks there is valuable information in the newsletter.

Here is what is NOT in the newsletter —– address or phone number for the developer; 2. The name of anyone specifically identified as an employee of the developer, with the possible exception of Alex Rood and Eva Sotres.  In neither case is an email or phone provided.  Some probably wonder whether “ElusiveEva” Sotres really exists. Apparently she does – see

The newsletter mentions meetings between “many different departments of the company”.  The newsletter does mention the Investor Relations Department and the Legal Department.  What other departments are there?  Who are the personnel in these many different departments.  For that matter, who are the personnel in the Legal Department.  Is the Legal Department located in the small apartment in Madrid (Glorieta de Ruben Dario 3, 28010Madrid, Spain – ph34 91 7 02 46 97) that used to serve as the Madrid office of the  developer?  Is that still their office?  Why is it not show non their latest website (  Or listed in the newsletter?

Does anyone understand the “re-sale” offer on the first page of the newsletter?  Specifically what is meant by “any property purchased up to December 31st, 2008, within the year following completion and signing of the deeds….”.  What is meant by “completion and signing of the deeds”?

Who are the two people (Ramon Ramirez and Esteban Becerril) shown as “The Technical Building Management”?  Are they employees of the developer?  Are they contactors?

And who is Fidias Brache, billed as the “delegate”.  What are his duties?  How do they differ from the duties of Alex Rood who apparently is involved somehow in sales?  How does one get in touch with Alex?

The ominous sounding announcement from the alleged Legal Department says they won’t tolerate any other distractions.  Is this post an intolerable distraction?  Possibly someone can direct me to an individual (by name and phone) in the Legal Department and I can test whether their bite is as bad as their bark.

Finally, Mr. Stanchev should have pointed out that on May 14, 2008 the Superintendent of Real Estate of the Province of British Columbia entered a Cease and Desist Order under BC’s Real Estate Development Marketing Act against Paraiso Tropical, S.A. and Ricardo Miranda ordering “That PARAISO TROPICAL S.A. and RICARDO MIRANDA shall cease and refrain from marketing in British Columbia any and all development units in the development known as Punta Perla, located in the Dominican Republic.”

Mr.Stanchev was mentioned in the proceedings as being involved in marketing efforts in BC and being an investor in Punta Perla to the tune of $85,535USD.  It’s no wonder that Mr. Stanchev is still wishfully hoping that things will work out all right.

All this makes one wonder if anyone is still attempting to sell new “interests” in Punta Perla on behalf of the developer.  BTW, who is the developer these days? Haven’t heard anything about Paraiso Tropical for quite a while.  The new name used on the website — “PuntaPerla Caribbean Golf, Marina & Spa” is quite a mouth full, but doesn’t tell the public or worried investors who is running the show.

Possibly Mr. Stanchev’s colleague over on the other side of Canada – Sunny Comfort – or the gregarious Mr. Korac in DR can answer some of the unanswered questions.

In summary, the newsletter is comparable to the most recent iteration of the website —-totally uninformative.  As the Latins used to caution, ‘CaveatEmptor’ “.

I haven’t seen any response in many weeks.  But maybe Ricardo, Eva, Alex and the other folks involved here are just so busy trying to make money for their investors that they just don’t have time to answer questions.  And maybe within the next few days a space ship from a galaxy far away will land on my balcony and shower upon me great riches, life eternal, and a form of nirvana previously unknown to we mere earthlings.

Milo, I fear you will duck giving straight answers to the serious questions here by simply responding by asking who I am and what my interest in PP might be.  You don’t get off the hook that easy.  I am not an investor in PP; either too lucky or too smart, probably the former.  I do know someone quite involved in PP and am concerned on that person’s behalf that the person doesn’t understand all the consequences involved.  If, in the process of asking legitimate questions, I might be helping some investors who are concerned for very good reason, so be it.

Follow the forum at

Sales companies connected to Punta Perla closing down

Company Name:


Company No: 05531722 Registered Office:
Incorporated: 09/08/2005 30 FINSBURY SQUARE
Company Type: Private Limited
Legal Status: Liquidator Appointed
Report Status: Full Data
Accounts Type: Unknown
Latest Accounts to: ?
Latest Return to: 09/08/2007
Please note that this company has not yet filed any accounts at Companies House and therefore no financial information will be available.

Company Name:


Company No: 05532343 Registered Office:
Incorporated: 09/08/2005 4TH FLOOR SOUTHFIELD HOUSE
BN11 1RY
Company Type: Private Limited
Legal Status: Voluntary Winding Up
Report Status: Full Data
Accounts Type: Unknown
Latest Accounts to: 31/12/2007
Latest Return to: 09/08/2008

Sungolf and OVP lost another case in Spain

According to the website the Spanish lawyer Maria L. Castro has won new case against Sungolf and Ocean View Properties on April 23 – 2010. Sungolf(Miranda) have to pay EURO 164,650.00 back to the buyer.

Read the verdict:    Against Sungolf Desarrollo Inmobiliario SA and Ocean View SL

Dominican Watchdog has been asked to publish the following mobile number no. to Miranda – 003692618564