In connection to the land escrow guarantee to previous investors at Punta Perla. Dominican Watchdog sent several questions to MARCOS JOSE TRONCOSO at Las American Title Service A.K.A. CTRD ESCROW SERVICES INC reg. in Panama.

Now 6 weeks later despite several follow up emails we have not got answers to the important questions below and must now warn all property buyers against using LAS AMERICAS TITLE SERVICES as their operation in our opinion is not safe!

Here is the email of March 20th, 2011 sent to Marcos and Alex Rood including several lawyers:

Dear Marcos,

I have visited your website to collect information, I have also visited the Panamanian company register as you can see below.

I have received the Punta Perla title guarantee from your company for my comments to investors and have the following questions:

1. How come the the document is not Notarized and the reg number of the company not listed on the letterhead?

2. What title are you talking about in your letter? I see no references nor title certificate and registration numbers anywhere!

3. Why is a copy of the valuation of the land not attached to the letter for investors to see?

4. Why is a copy of that extremely valuable title not forwarded to investors together with a land plan?

5. Have you checked that there is no liens or loans on that land? Where is that certification and when was it done?

6. How come that this USD 98,100,000.00 land parcel is held in escrow by a unknown Panamanian offshore company with a maximum authorized capital of USD 10,000* Pls note that Authorized and PAID IN capital is not the SAME!! What is the paid in capital of CTRD Escrow Services INC ?  USD 100 *One Hundred dollars?

7. Please explain to me how Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company and Chicago Title are connected to you and this transaction* expect me to contact them for verification of your answers and activities since their name and reputation is on the line here.

8. How do you plan to indemnify those investors if there is problems with the title and they sue you since CTRD Escrow Services INC have little to no capital according to the extract from the Panamanian register below?

9. Can you please clarify the 80% rule in your guarantee. 80% of the total project? 80% of phase 1 or 80% of the houses of those investors who accept this offer? Does the 80% involve the Marina and the first golf course? If Yes is it then 80% of the marina and 80% of the golf course which has to be finished too?

Sorry if I seems a little harsh in the questions, but we are playing with big numbers here and something don’t add up for me, however I’m sure you have a good explanation and I will be happy to send that off to investors and add it to my website.

No. de Ficha:


No. Documento:


Nombre de la Sociedad:

Tomo: 0 Folio: 0 Asiento: 0
Fecha de Registro: 23-05-2008 Status: VIGENTE
No. de Escritura: 12210 Fecha de Escritura: 20-05-2008


Provincia Notaria: PANAMA
Duración: PERPETUA Domicilio: PANAMA

Datos de 1a. Tasa Única

Boleta: 1266424 Fecha de Pago: 21-05-2008
Agente Residente: MOLINO & MULINO

Datos del Diario

Tomo: 2008 Asiento: 94728

Datos de Microfilmación

Rollo: 0 Imagen: 0
Monto de Capital: 10,000.00



Representante Legal 

Título del Dignatario Nombre del Dignatario

Nombre de los Directores


Nombre de los Suscriptores



Finally some action against Ocean View & Ass.

THE Government is poised to take legal action against a company that used TV and sports stars in a suspected £43million overseas property scam.

The Insolvency Service is understood to be about to launch disqualification proceedings against the bosses of Ocean View Properties, exposed by a long-running Sunday Express investigation more than two years ago.

The Staffordshire-based company, whose founders included a convicted fraudster, used the likes of England footballer Gareth Barry and TV property expert Martin Roberts to sell luxury off-plan apartments in Spain.

It took deposits worth about £80,000 each from British investors, but much of the cash disappeared as the homes failed to materialise.

Ocean View was placed into compulsory liquidation at the request of accountants Grant Thornton in 2009, while officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency were also understood to have begun their own probe.

Ocean View was founded by buy-to-let tycoon Colin Thomas in 2001. He marketed the properties using celebrities while his then friend, convicted conman Sean Woodhall, searched for opportunities for development on the Costa del Sol.

hen the sector collapsed amid corruption scandals in the Estepona region, the venture started to fail. Thomas and Woodhall had turned their attention to the Caribbean development of Punta Perla in the Dominican Republic.Woodhall, 43, went missing after his light aircraft crashed over Brazil in 2008 and while his body has never been recovered he has been declared dead. Thomas and his fellow directors have always denied wrongdoing.

In a separate but related development(PUNTA PERLA), a class action lawsuit to recover money on behalf of dozens of Ocean View victims was filed by a Spanish lawyer in Madrid on Friday(This is the lawsuit from Antonio – Lawbirds on behalf of Ollie Reel and almost 100 other investors who had enough!)

Joseph Mitchell and the Chinese deal papers – Probably last chance to get a copy!

Punta Perla and the Chinese Deal

PuntaPerla.com is again down from the internet and it will be interesting to see what content will be on that next time? Those who didn’t manage to download copies of the Chinese deal papers before PuntaPerla.com went into “maintenance mode” can find them on another location set up by “Joseph Mitchell” – please visit: http://puntaperlacaribbean.com/doc – click on docs.zip to download and save them one by one before this location is closed too.

There will come a moment when these papers should be forwarded to the Chinese Embassy in Washington and London, because Dominican Watchdog is currently working on clarification of issues related to information received from “Joseph Mitchell” about Punta Perla and RM. We have sent an email with several questions to Alex Rood as it looks like he is the new head of communication on behalf of Ricardo Miranda(who will soon be very busy when the angry Irish investors headed by Ollie Reel submit their criminal case to the court in Madrid next week).

It’s perfectly clear that “Joseph Mitchell”  is not a private detective as first presumed, but a whistle-blower who is/was very close to Ricardo Miranda. Dominican Watchdog is not aware of the identity of the whistle-blower but we have several hours of very interesting conversation with him/her on skype and the person had extremely deep knowledge about everything around RM,even personal issues incl a story about the killing of a young boy by his ex bodygard/driver outside a discotheque in Madrid.

Dominican Watchdog has been contacted several times by “Joseph Mitchell” and asked to publish a lot of documents. However without knowing who “Joseph Mitchell” is and how he/she obtained the documents we denied to do so, because we have too often linked to sources that has later been altered or removed after pressure form certain groups within the Dominican Republic. And exactly the same happened now again with puntaperla.com(DW however have screen dumps of all the articles on the PP domain from “Joseph Mitchell” and will probably publish them one day if there should be a need to do so).

Dominican Watchdog has no interest in being involved in the personal problems between “Joseph Mitchell” and Ricardo Miranda. Therefore we will not publish any of the documents we have received from “Joseph Mitchell”. However we have contacted “Joseph Mitchell” several weeks ago and informed him to post the documents on www.The-Dominican-Republic.org if he is really serious about having a voice and letting investors know the truth.  We however feel “Joseph Mitchell” is rethinking his/her strategy…..

I believe I can speak for everybody when I say, that we are all very tired of Punta Perla .com, .org. com.do domains opening, closing and changing content on a monthly basis! Lately none of the domains had a telephone number, contact person or address where the CEO could be met. These useless US$ 500 websites are promoted by people like Mark and Alex who are all in Ricardo Miranda pocket’s. However Ricardo Miranda himself have not dared to met with any of his investors for years, to look them in the eyes, and tell them the truth about what happened to their money in Spain, Morocco and Dominican Republic.

Dominican Watchdog is not aware of any other development of that size where is has not been possible to meet the developer!! There is no doubt that Punta Perla is among the most unprofessional projects ever launched in the Dominican Republic. Atlantico in Luperon was another white elephant where over US$100 million from investors was lost!! And Canadian investors lost US$ 160 million when dealing with the former Dominican tourist minister. Victor Cabral got only 12 months house arrest for ripping of these investors, and believe me that he was not alone, but nothing happened to the rest of the gang who shared the money!!!

DominicanWatchdog.org and our forum The-Dominican-Republic.org has never been down or in “maintenance mode” – we are running mirror servers with hourly back-up to ensure our readers have access to all the important news about the Dominican Republic. To boost our ranking on all search engines we run several blogs(like this one), specific sub domains, twitter and facebook. Dominican Watchdog had over 14,000 pages views last month, visitors from 150 countries and 1050 friends on facebook. Power to the internet and free media – the truth will prevail, join us on facebook today!

The China investor can’t change the PP history and current market situation

Legal opinion Punta Perla, Ricardo Miranda(article updated Oct 16, 2010) After many  years of undocumented newsletters full of empty words from Eva Sotres in Punta Perla investor department, this great day of truth and real facts has finally arrived.

Pellerano & Herrera, by far biggest and most respected law firm in the Dominican Republic has issued their legal opinion to a group of angry investors in Punta Perla. And you should contact Ollie Reel who is heading this investors group to join in. You will find his email address on the top of the Paraiso Tropical/Punta Perla legal opinion.

The legal opinion can be viewed and downloaded for free from www.RicardoMirandaMiret.com and www.AlexRood.com

Before I write more about the facts in this legal opinion, I like to make it clear that Ricardo Miranda Miret and his Poppet Show will probably come up with a lot of excuses or statements to place doubt in peoples minds,  so will other idiots under anonymous names in singingpig or belegal.com.  All this “Noise” is only done to try to derail and prevent a legal attack on Paraiso Tropical SA, Ricardo Miranda Miret and the rest of the board members in various countries.

All these promoters have never been able to attach a single fact or document to the spin they wrote to keep sales going! Sadly for many investors the private Ben Potter forum is not much better, its also full of useless spin with no documented facts! Most of this spin is supplied by Ricardo Miranda’s favorite poppet Mark Andrews(more about him later in this article).

At no given time during the last year has all the small and angry investors in Punta Perla been able to see or meet with Ricardo Miranda Miret despite the fact that many of them have taken the long journey to Madrid. At no given time during the last years newsletters has there been a personal statement from Ricardo Miranda Miret including a photo of him! At no given time during the last year has Punta Perla come forward with proof to the the spin they wrote. It has all been empty words, redesigned projects and opened and closed websites and sales companies! And there are hundreds of non legalized contracts out there waiting for a solution to this problems, because in the past five years nothing of value to these investors has been constructed by Ricardo Miranda in Punta Perla or any of his other fantasy developments in Spain and Morocco! Where are all these unsecured deposits today? Millions of Euro gone missing….

Punta Perla’s main problems:

1. There is no 10,000,000 m2 land in the name of Paraiso Tropical SA

2. There are lots of liens and ownership problems on the small Punta Perla land parcel.

Mark Andrews claims to have seen a land evaluation of 2 Billion Dollars from the National Bank of The Dominican Republic. That my dear friends doesn’t exist due to the above facts!

Mark Andrews has claimed to have seen a clean title with 10 million square meter land for the Punta Perla development. That my dear friends doesn’t exist either due to the above facts!

The legal opinion contradicts every post done by Mark Andrews, and now is the time to be worried!

Furthermore what this legal opinion doesn’t state is, that part of the Punta Perla apartments sold to investors might actually be located on land NOT belonging to Paraiso Tropical SA. A special group of people are currently working hard on mapping the exact development and its location onto the exact land parcels in the area. If this group manage to prove that they where sold apartments on land not belonging to Paraiso Tropical SA, then its all a simple case of fraud and Ricardo Miranda and his gang will soon end up where they belong, long time before all the cases of fraud from Spain and Morocco comes into motion!

Before anybody starts to discredit the law firm that did the legal opinion, there is a few facts from their website:

“Pellerano & Herrera the largest law firm in the Dominican Republic” by Marcasur, March 2010

“Most admired law firm of 2009 in the Dominican Republic” by the Mercado Magazine, February 2010

“Private Equity Deal of the Year Award 2009” from the IFLR, March 2009

Winner of “Chambers Latin America Awards for Excellence 2009: Dominican Republic Law Firm of the Year”, November 2009

The show must go on, the President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez and HRH Prince Albert of Monaco has not yet issued a statement that they are no longer supporting Punta Perla,and now a China connection has been added, herein lays the Illusion !!

Dominican Watchdog’s investigation and articles about Punta Perla and Ricardo Miranda Miret can be found here: Is Punta Perla One Big Scam? Where is the money….?


Do not get fooled by the cancellation of the arrest warrant, that was a technicality due to the time frame that applies to foreigners and not Dominicans to come in front of a judge. The case against Paraiso Tropical SA and Ricardo Miranda Miret over the land deal is real, and will move forward despite this small clever move from RM’s lawyers. However due to the corrupted legal system in the Dominican Republic and the fact the President is involved, it will be impossible to determine the outcome, therefore the law firm didn’t comment on that case, but moved to the fact of starting a criminal case against Ricardo Miranda Miret!

Even with a large scale investor from China there is no guarantee that Punta Perla will ever be a commercial success for the small investors due to the following facts: Not a single property has been sold to any rich and important local family in the Dominican Republic. Howeveer these families have invested heavily into famous resort developments nearby which are now in trouble too. Investors in Cap Cana are not able to resell their units and the project is a ghost town today despite Billions of dollars invested. Roco Ki (partly backed by one of richest and most powerful Dominican families Vicini Group) has fired most employees and closed sales operations. Both Cap Cana and Roco Ki are located only a few miles from Punta Perla! So even with China money the future for Punta Perla doesn’t look good.

Barbara Woodham Says:
September 9, 2010 at 4:48 pm e

I have invested in the punta perla site. I bought it from Mark Andrews of Punta Perla Sales in the UK. I now find that this company has gone into liquidation along with Punta Perla Carribean where my money was transferred to. I have been in touch with a UK solicitor and would appreciate any information that you can send me.
Anyone else who have invested and who is as frustrated as me with the lack of Information from Eva Sortes can contact me on my email – Bewoodsy5@yahoo.co.uk