CORRUPT COURT SCANDAL, Spanish judge handling the case didn’t tell that his own brother is directly linked to potential criminal activities in Punta Perla

Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz

Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz

For over a year we have waited for news about this case, and today it was taking an amazing turn thanks to very good work by the lawyers of the defrauded Irish investors. They have proved that the case was stalled by a probably corrupt judge. Hopefully those behind RICARDO MIRANDA’s worldwide fraud show involving ex president Leonel Fernandez and Prince Albert of Monaco, will finally see the inside of the jail.

HERE ARE THE FACTS and they are all over the Spanish press(see links below)

Letter from the lawyers handling the lawsuit one behalf of Ollie Reel’s investor group:

During our professional work and only recently we have found out that the Judge dealing with our criminal lawsuit in Madrid (Criminal Court number 16) against Ricardo Miranda and others, this is the Judge Mr. Jose Emilio Coronado Ruz is the brother of Ignacio Coronado Ruz who in the past was a partner, Secretary and even President of the board of Management of the Dominican Republic company “Paraíso Tropical S.A.” and who was as well the legal representative of the company “Inversiones C.C.F., S.A.”. The later sold its shares to the company “Punta Perla Caribbean, Golf Marina & Spa, S.A.” represented and operated by Ricardo Miranda Miret, who also transferred for the purchase of the shares the money obtained from your purchase in Malaga with “Estepona Beach”. All this is a business puzzle to commit offences. We have also recently found out that the brother of the Court, Ignacio Coronado Ruz is or was the straw man of one of the owners of “Paraiso Tropical S.A.,”, Andres Leitor and Carlos Sanchez, who are also involved in the famous MALAYA case for corruption in Marbella, and have been involved in legal cases with regards to the sale of shares of Punta Perlato Ricardo Miranda.
Ignacio Coronado Ruz was sued with regards to the inscription of the shares and for
tax fraud in Dominican Republic by Ricardo Miranda and his companies. Pursuant to Spanish Proceedings Law, one of the cases to recuse a Judge is that the Judge dealing with the case is the brother of one of the defendants. It is true that in our case the brother, Ignacio Coronado, hasn’t been sued by us but:1. Within our criminal lawsuit, we have sued the company “PARAISO TROPICAL S.A.” of the Dominican Republic and its legal representatives (we didn’t know who the previous administrators were) and we requested on due course that the Judge investigated the company the current and previous legal representatives of the above mentioned company. Please note that the Judge hasn’t taken any decision or action to carry out this investigation.2. Our criminal lawsuit, for swindle and misappropriation of funds, is not only addresses against Ricardo Miranda and the representatives of OCEAN VIEW, but also against all those who the Court discovered had any implications or against those who we could find out were liable for any criminal/civil offenses, and it is clear that Ignacio Coronado Ruz (brother of the Judge) and others are liable for the above mentioned offenses. Pursuant to Spanish Proceedings Law, any Judge who has any type of family relationship (or any other relationship) with any of the parties must refrain from dealing with such case, and from the very first moment the Judge was aware that he was dealing with a court case regarding his brother he should have refrained from dealing with it. In our case our Judge has been dealing this case for almost two years and he hasn’t mentioned any relationship with Ignacio or has made any attempt to stop dealing with our case. Spanish Proceedings Law also establishes that another reason to recuse a Judge is that the Judge had any personal interest in continue dealing with the court case. In our case even though the Judge has continued investigating our case, in which either directly or indirectly his brother was involved, there is a clear personal interests, and therefore, we have another issue to file the recuse. Therefore, we would like to inform you that once we have obtained evidences from the above mentioned reasons and because of the importance and urgency of our case, we have taken the following legal actions to protect your rights:

1.- We have already formally requested the recuse of the Judge and that a new Judge “ not tainted” is appointed to substitute him and to deal with our case

2.-  We have formally requested the postponement of our case until the Court decides about the recuse and substitution of the Judge.

3.- We have formally extend our criminal lawsuit to the following: Ignacio Coronado Ruz, Andres Leitor, Carlos Sanchez. And to that effect, the above mentioned should be summoned to appear in court as soon as a new Judge has been appointed. As a consequence of our requests, which were made last week, this morning I have received a telephone call from the Criminal Court Number 16 of Madrid confirming that our case is no won hold until the court decides about our recuse and substitution of the Judge. We will receive a notification within the next few days. As you can understand, this issue is very important and therefore we had to act quickly. We have noticed some irregularities and delays in our case from the beginning, but we were unable to take the above mentioned actions until we had evidences that support our request, like we have obtained only recently. If finally the Court decides to recuse and substitute our Judge (this decision will be taken by the High Court of Madrid in approx. 3-4 weeks), then the clients and myself as the lawyer dealing with the case, will have to study possible actions against the

Judge and third parties (actions to be filed at the General Council of Judicial Power) or even criminal actions for corruption (this happens when a Judge is taking decisions or not doing anything even though he knows that this is unfair) and the damages derived.In any case, we will study all the options and decide whatever is best for your interests. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries or comments.

Kind regards, Luis Fernando Gonzalez Ordonez
Abogado/Lawyer – Reg. Nº 6125 I.C.A. Málaga


Ricardo Miranda Miret to see judge in Madrid, Chinese financing probably hot happening!

The huge class A lawsuit against Ricardo Mirand from angry investors in his Punta Perla fantasy project has been FORMALLY ACCEPTED by the judge and Ricardo Miranda Miret is summoned to attend to the Courts of Madrid to declare in front of the judge on the 19th October 2011.

After Miranda meets the judge we will know if the criminal case against him for fraud  will proceed. My guess is it will unless he makes an immediately cash settlement of around USD 60 million with Ollie’s investor group.

Will we see the Trio HAND in HAND again? President Leonel Fernandez and HRH Prince Albert of Monaco will probably do everything possible not to go to court in Madrid. Read here: The court has been asked to summon them as well for there active role in promoting Punta Perla.

Resent information from the non-public Punta Perla investor forum run by Ben Potter shows a conference call btw the investors disclosing that there might not be any Chinese financing coming to Punta Perla. Miranda could not attend this conference call because his mother was sick(I could’t stop laughing when I read that, not only will he not meet any investors, now he will not ever take a long distance conference call, petty on you Miranda!).

Before writing this news update both Alex Rood and Ben Potter was contacted and offered to respond on the Chinese financing situation, however we have not heard a word in regards to that, Alex Rood has just ignored our emails.

Dominican Watchdog has always been against Ben Potter’s forum as it tried hide the truth about the project which means new buyers accidentally could be sucked into the “ATLANTIS”. I will go as far as to say that Miranda’s poppet show: Ben Potter, Mark Andrew or what ever Earth company he runs and Alex Rood have been tranquilizing angry investors with hot air and BS for the last year. Nothing has happened, all deadlines has been passed and finally it seems like the Chinese institutional investors are not so stupid after all.

If the criminal lawsuit moves forward, I guess we can all kiss Punta Perla goodbye since his other developments are already stone dead and there is more lawsuits coming from the Estapona Golf and Marina investors. Promoters and real estate agents(even the crooked ones) has stopped selling Punta Perla after Dominican Watchdog tracked them down and told them to inform potential clients about ongoing legal issues and to place funds on escrow. Simple consumer protection was needed to stop Miranda from ripping off more people.

3 simple things that made Punta Perla the greatest joke of the Caribbean!

1. They have opened and closed more websites than any other developer in DR and they lost their domain, moreover there is not a phone number on the website to call should a potential buyer want to hear about Star Island -:), not to forget all the angry investors who would like to reach Miranda directly.

2. During 5 years the “Great developer” Ricardo Miranda has not managed to build as much as a sales office on the land despite all the millions he has taken. He claims on the PP website to have build many fine projects, there is not a link to one of them! But there are plenty of stories on the internet about all the developments Ricardo Miranda has NOT finished!

3. Miranda, never been available to meet the small investors face to face, tried to use HRH Prince Albert of Monaco and President Leonel Fernandez to promote and kick off the sale of Punta Perla, but that failed after Dominican Watchdog started to dick into the facts and sent off the first letter to the Royal Palace in Monaco almost two years ago!

However one big question still remains….. Where is all the money from the small investors and how did Ricardo split them?  Maybe the judge in Madrid will soon be able to in-light us on that, so come back for more updates.

The China investor can’t change the PP history and current market situation

Legal opinion Punta Perla, Ricardo Miranda(article updated Oct 16, 2010) After many  years of undocumented newsletters full of empty words from Eva Sotres in Punta Perla investor department, this great day of truth and real facts has finally arrived.

Pellerano & Herrera, by far biggest and most respected law firm in the Dominican Republic has issued their legal opinion to a group of angry investors in Punta Perla. And you should contact Ollie Reel who is heading this investors group to join in. You will find his email address on the top of the Paraiso Tropical/Punta Perla legal opinion.

The legal opinion can be viewed and downloaded for free from and

Before I write more about the facts in this legal opinion, I like to make it clear that Ricardo Miranda Miret and his Poppet Show will probably come up with a lot of excuses or statements to place doubt in peoples minds,  so will other idiots under anonymous names in singingpig or  All this “Noise” is only done to try to derail and prevent a legal attack on Paraiso Tropical SA, Ricardo Miranda Miret and the rest of the board members in various countries.

All these promoters have never been able to attach a single fact or document to the spin they wrote to keep sales going! Sadly for many investors the private Ben Potter forum is not much better, its also full of useless spin with no documented facts! Most of this spin is supplied by Ricardo Miranda’s favorite poppet Mark Andrews(more about him later in this article).

At no given time during the last year has all the small and angry investors in Punta Perla been able to see or meet with Ricardo Miranda Miret despite the fact that many of them have taken the long journey to Madrid. At no given time during the last years newsletters has there been a personal statement from Ricardo Miranda Miret including a photo of him! At no given time during the last year has Punta Perla come forward with proof to the the spin they wrote. It has all been empty words, redesigned projects and opened and closed websites and sales companies! And there are hundreds of non legalized contracts out there waiting for a solution to this problems, because in the past five years nothing of value to these investors has been constructed by Ricardo Miranda in Punta Perla or any of his other fantasy developments in Spain and Morocco! Where are all these unsecured deposits today? Millions of Euro gone missing….

Punta Perla’s main problems:

1. There is no 10,000,000 m2 land in the name of Paraiso Tropical SA

2. There are lots of liens and ownership problems on the small Punta Perla land parcel.

Mark Andrews claims to have seen a land evaluation of 2 Billion Dollars from the National Bank of The Dominican Republic. That my dear friends doesn’t exist due to the above facts!

Mark Andrews has claimed to have seen a clean title with 10 million square meter land for the Punta Perla development. That my dear friends doesn’t exist either due to the above facts!

The legal opinion contradicts every post done by Mark Andrews, and now is the time to be worried!

Furthermore what this legal opinion doesn’t state is, that part of the Punta Perla apartments sold to investors might actually be located on land NOT belonging to Paraiso Tropical SA. A special group of people are currently working hard on mapping the exact development and its location onto the exact land parcels in the area. If this group manage to prove that they where sold apartments on land not belonging to Paraiso Tropical SA, then its all a simple case of fraud and Ricardo Miranda and his gang will soon end up where they belong, long time before all the cases of fraud from Spain and Morocco comes into motion!

Before anybody starts to discredit the law firm that did the legal opinion, there is a few facts from their website:

“Pellerano & Herrera the largest law firm in the Dominican Republic” by Marcasur, March 2010

“Most admired law firm of 2009 in the Dominican Republic” by the Mercado Magazine, February 2010

“Private Equity Deal of the Year Award 2009” from the IFLR, March 2009

Winner of “Chambers Latin America Awards for Excellence 2009: Dominican Republic Law Firm of the Year”, November 2009

The show must go on, the President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez and HRH Prince Albert of Monaco has not yet issued a statement that they are no longer supporting Punta Perla,and now a China connection has been added, herein lays the Illusion !!

Dominican Watchdog’s investigation and articles about Punta Perla and Ricardo Miranda Miret can be found here: Is Punta Perla One Big Scam? Where is the money….?


Do not get fooled by the cancellation of the arrest warrant, that was a technicality due to the time frame that applies to foreigners and not Dominicans to come in front of a judge. The case against Paraiso Tropical SA and Ricardo Miranda Miret over the land deal is real, and will move forward despite this small clever move from RM’s lawyers. However due to the corrupted legal system in the Dominican Republic and the fact the President is involved, it will be impossible to determine the outcome, therefore the law firm didn’t comment on that case, but moved to the fact of starting a criminal case against Ricardo Miranda Miret!

Even with a large scale investor from China there is no guarantee that Punta Perla will ever be a commercial success for the small investors due to the following facts: Not a single property has been sold to any rich and important local family in the Dominican Republic. Howeveer these families have invested heavily into famous resort developments nearby which are now in trouble too. Investors in Cap Cana are not able to resell their units and the project is a ghost town today despite Billions of dollars invested. Roco Ki (partly backed by one of richest and most powerful Dominican families Vicini Group) has fired most employees and closed sales operations. Both Cap Cana and Roco Ki are located only a few miles from Punta Perla! So even with China money the future for Punta Perla doesn’t look good.

Barbara Woodham Says:
September 9, 2010 at 4:48 pm e

I have invested in the punta perla site. I bought it from Mark Andrews of Punta Perla Sales in the UK. I now find that this company has gone into liquidation along with Punta Perla Carribean where my money was transferred to. I have been in touch with a UK solicitor and would appreciate any information that you can send me.
Anyone else who have invested and who is as frustrated as me with the lack of Information from Eva Sortes can contact me on my email –

Punta Perla and Prince Albert of Monaco


Punta Perla

A new post has turned up on singingpig from investors who demands that Ricardo Miranda comes forward and present documentation for the Punta Perla land. Furthermore it’s again made clear that HRH Prince Albert of Monaco is not endorsing the Punta Perla development as resent stated in news letters from Mark Andrew.

Here is a copy of the post:

mark andrew  why will you not instigate an independant report into what land ricardo miranda company pariasso tropical own.The notorised letter is a very interesting smokesreen.In short it says  WE OWN THE LAND THAT WE OWN which nobody doubts oh and we own the land to build the project  BUT WHAT PROJECT BECAUSE THE PROJECT WHICH INCLUDES THE MARINA CANNOT BE BUILT ON THAT LAND BECAUSE PARAISSO TROPICAL DO NOT OWN THAT LAND    CHECK THE CADESTRAL PLAN IF YOU KNOW WHAT ONE IS  AND     IF YOU DO    WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE THAT FOR YOURE CLIENTS  prince albert of monaco does not endorse the projct  check with the palace   bruno the princes commander in chief can be contacted on  0033678636758